19 July 2018

Fitness: BeachFit Weymouth 20-22 July

Wellness & fitness festivals are all the rage in 2018. So, when I saw the Facebook post for BeachFit Weymouth hosted by GymPro Apparel on 20-22 July pop up on my newsfeed, I knew I had to find out more.

I caught up with the energetic & enthusiastic founder of BeachFit Weymouth & GymPro Apparel Adam Rai to get the low down on the event.

Hey Adam, & welcome to the Country Bumpkin Chic blog. So, how did you come up with the idea for BeachFit Weymouth?

Well, it all started just over 12 months ago, when myself & Leon launched GymPro Apparel. We were firefighters in the West Midlands & the fitness gear was like cardboard. So, we decided to design our own brand for the Fire Service & started selling it at local gyms & GymPro Apparel was born.

BeachFit Weymouth came about after I came to Weymouth last year & ran a GymPro Apparel pop up shop at the summer volleyball competition on the beach which gave us the idea of doing a fitness event. Our good friend David Heath from Active Fitness in Weymouth has been amazing hooking us up with the local council & helping us submit our proposal.

What type of classes will be held over the weekend?

BeachFit Weymouth is going to be a weekend full of fitness classes & fun activities held on the fantastic Weymouth beach. The party will kick off on Friday afternoon with a timetable of classes & a live DJ taking you into the night & building up to our special sunset spin class where we will have over 50 bikes & instructed by our Time2climb presenters. There will be a licensed bar hosted by our friends at Aura, so you can join in or chill out & enjoy the vibe.

On Saturday activities will start early (8am) with a beach boot camp, promenade jog or sunrise yoga. The day will continue with favourites including spin, HIIT, club pump, bums & tums, piyo, yoga, Zumba, plus much more.

Plus, for those that prefer something fun but competitive, there will be volleyball, target frisbee & beach bowls. Saturdays classes will end at 5pm with a 30-minute stretch & relax session & then Saturday night is party time so bring your dancing shoes & be ready to let your hair down.

Sunday morning will start later to allow for those with sore heads, but will again be a mix of all classes & we’ll be closing at 3pm with a live DJ spin class & shut down stretch.

It’s going to be such a great atmosphere & we’ve got fitness instructors from up & down the country attending, I even had instructors from the Isle of Wight get in touch as they want to get involved.

Check out the full timetable here.

How much are tickets for the weekend?

Day tickets are £20 & weekend tickets for all three days is £50. At registration, everyone will get a wristband & a branded event t-shirt will be available.

Can people rock up on the day & join in?

Of course, we know Weymouth is a hot tourist destination in the summer, so hopefully, we’ll get some holidaymakers joining in as well as lots of locals, & our friends from our local gym in Stafford.

And is there anything else going on at BeachFit apart from fitness classes?

We’ll have a beach party with a bar & lounge run by the guys over at Aura & an after party at Boom Box on Saturday night to give the real Weybiza experience. & we’ll also have a pop-up shop selling GymPro Apparel, & protein supplements.

What are you most looking forward to?

Well, on the day I’ll be comparing the festival, you won’t miss me as I’ll be embracing the Weybiza vibe wearing a grass skirt & Hawaiian lei – so come & say ‘hi’.

I’m looking forward to seeing fitness instructors, gyms & fitness enthusiasts all come together. & if all goes well this year, we’ll be looking to run other fitness events in the future.

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Hope to see some of you down there!

05 June 2018

What to take SUPing?

A question friends often ask... what shall I bring SUPing? & when you think about it, not a lot really. 

So, here’s my top 5 essentials for getting on the water.

1. A SUP!

Your SUP board, of course, is essential if you want to go for a paddle on the water. You might be fortunate to own your own either inflatable or hardboard. Or you might be heading somewhere you can hire one.

I bought my Fanatic Fly Air Premium 10’8” for £475 from the lovely Lucy at SUPFit at the end of her season teaching back in 2016. Brand new it would retail about £840.

04 March 2018

An interview with London Marathon first timer Rachel Heywood

I’ve known Rach Heywood (nee Eversden) since I was 4 years old. We’ve been best friends for an incredible 30+ years. And boy have we experienced lots of fun adventures together from growing up in the rural village of Bradford Peverell, to attending the same schools, learning to ski in Austria, attending our first concert – Kylie Minogue through to being Rach’s bridesmaid back in 2013.

And now it’s a huge honour to interview Rach on the amazing challenge she’s about to take on tackling the London Marathon for charity, so without further ado let me introduce you to Rach Heywood…

04 February 2018

An interview with David Partridge from Nowhere2far Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I first met David when I was on a surf trip last autumn in Lagos, Portugal. At heart I’m more of a SUP’er than a surfer, and was keen to get out on a board, which is how I met David. During my 1 week, I managed to cram in two river SUPs, a sunrise & sunset. So, was delighted when David, with a little bit of help from his lovely wife Holly agreed to be interviewed for Country Bumpkin Chic.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to David Partridge….

28 January 2018

An interview with Claire Williamson from Sea Legs Cartoons

I started following @sealegscartoon on Instagram before Christmas and admired the fun surfboard cartoons, they can't fail to make you smile and think of catching fun waves in the sunshine. So, I invited the artist behind the cartoons, Claire Williamson, to appear on Country Bumpkin Chic.

21 January 2018

My Top 5 Insta Pages

For anyone who follows me will know I have a wide range of hobbies & eclectic tastes. So, it’s no surprise that some of my favourite Instagram pages are a bit left field. But why be dull I say, variety is the spice of life?

Anyhow, here are a few which are making me smile in a very grey January.

Sea Legs @sealegscartoon
I first spotted Sea Legs on @surfgirlmag it’s fun little surf wave based cartoons based on a surfboard enjoying life with his mates. For surf chicas & chicos, it can’t help but make you smile & dream about heading off in search of the perfect wave.