23 October 2010

Twit Twoo....

No I haven't gone quackers just yet, but recently its come to light that I have a fascination with all things bird like.  It could be something to do with my surname being 'Wren' or that I'm 'an early bird' rather than a 'night owl' (oh the puns could go on forever!) or the fact that those darn cute birds are bang on trend!

Looking around my house birds come into play quite a bit, from my country bumpkin Laura Ashley curtains in the kitchen, blue bird print dinner mats and coasters, to a very cute jute duck door stop from Mollie and Fred.  In fashion birds have always played a part but seem to be creeping in more now from bird print play suits, jewellery, accessories, even shoes - you name it those pesky two winged mammals are making an appearance and are here to stay.

So, it only seemed right that Country Bumpkin Chic embraced the bird print into some funky shoppers.  Back in the summer I bought some cute fabric from my fave place Fabric Rehab: a playful owl print which would be great for a girl attending a birthday party and the very sophisticated khaki bird with show off plume of feathers, perfect for the girl about town.  And my next project, yep, you guest it more birds - well just one more, I couldn't resist the turquoise equivalent of the sophisticated bird print.
Sophisticated birdie shopper, Mollie & Fred Quackers door stop & Twit Twoo shopper

03 October 2010

Autumn has officially arrived!

Apologies my CBC followers for my absence in blogging and sharing my craftywears. Summer seemed to whiz by with horse competitions, although sadly not that successful as my beloved Barley (the horse!) was injured for most of it. He's now back on track after having great outting last weekend at Bricky Horse Trials and we're all set for our first 3 day event at the end of the month.
Barley jumping at Stockland Lovell in May 2010.
So, now the horse season is coming to a close and the nights are drawing in...I can get stuck back into my sewing and designing some bags for CBC - hurrah!  And here's a sneak at a few I sewed over Bank Holiday using Clarke & Clarke's Retro Floral print.
Retro floral - Oversized Shopper, Shopper and Shoulder Bag
Right, better get back to it...and stop watching Ugly Betty, which I must say in its 4th season is better than ever.