26 April 2014

Hip-Hop-Eration is back – have you saved the date?

Hip-Hop-Eration – Friday 2nd May – FourD, Dorchester from 9pm – save the date on your iPhone (& any other good mobile phone brands) now!

Ahead of Dorchester’s most anticipated night, in well, a pretty long time we caught up with one of the organisers behind Hip-Hop-Eration Jay Rees to get the low down on the night.
Jay doing his thing..
1. We’re ecstatic about the return of Hip-Hop-Eration to Dorchester – thank you! It’s like a child waiting for Christmas Day. So, what made you guys want to bring it back? How did that all come about?
Myself and Mr Si Clacher (Co-Founder of HHE) felt that the time was right to bring this night back to Dorchester. Hip-Hop-Eration started off at Paul's Nightclub and proved very successful for many years.

We wanted to try and re-create the whole vibe by hosting it in the same building where Paul's used to be and by playing some of the old Hip-Hop classics we used to play.

Dorchester is starting to get its nightlife back thanks to other like-minded event organisers and we figured a Hip-Hop-Eration night would be just the ticket.
Old skool hip-hop-eration night - can you spot yourself?
Fellow hip-hop-eration organiser & DJ - Si Clacher
2. Tell us what’s planned for the night. Who’s playing? What will the vibe be like?

Did I mention it was free entry? I've got a feeling it's going to be business as usual. We'll kick things off about 9pm with a nice bit of Funk and Soul then gradually build things up with some Old Skool Classics and a spot of Live MC-ing then go in with Big Hip-Hop anthems for the rest of the night!
This time round we've enlisted the help of Mr Mark Adams- fellow event organiser and DJ, plus 2 very talented local MC's - Orin aka 'Agent' and Luke aka 'Poppa T', not to be missed!!
3. Can you give us any hints on any of the old skool tracks you’ll be throwing down to whet the appetite?           
Let’s just say it wouldn't be a Hip-Hop night without some Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill but without giving too much away, the following may be thrown in at some point! -
Nas - Get Down
De La Soul - Buddy
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
Jay-Z - Dirt off your Shoulder
That's all you're allowed!
4. For those who don’t know much about  you, how did you get into DJ-ing?
I got my first turntables when I was 15, about 20 years ago! Man I feel old! I used to play the drums and seemed somewhat drawn to DJ-ing because beat-matching is rhythm based.
I've always loved Hip-Hop music thanks to my brother Rob who relentlessly played it loud every day after school. I initially started out mixing techno and other dance music as that was my preferred genre at the time.
For as long as I can remember I have been DJing and organising music events in and around Dorset. More recently under the name of our promotions and clothing company 'Farstar'. Our Boat Parties were legendary, easily the hottest party of the year! My full time job at the time required me to work overseas 6 months of the year so myself and Luke Howell (Farstar Partner) decided to take a break from Farstar for the time being as it needed both of us to manage it.
5. Where do you get your influences for your set from?
I draw influences from many artists, I would have to say DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Shadow and DJ Q-Bert are my biggest DJ idols. I’m also inspired by new music and try to create original set's to suit the occasion.
6. What’s been your DJ-ing career highlight to date?
Now there's a question... It has to be playing on the same bill as big name's such as The Scratch Perverts, Beardyman, JFB, Judge Jules, Anne Savage and DJ Noize to name a few. Saying that, Dj-ing at festivals in-front of hundreds or thousands of people has to be up there. Immense.
7. Do you have any weird rituals you do before playing a set? Any lucky t-shirts?
No weird rituals as such, I think a few pre-beers always help! I do however try to wear one of our exquisite, reasonably priced, Dorset based t-shirts whenever I play, hit me up at farstarjay@hotmail.co.uk! Had to get a cheeky plug in there!  

8. What’s next after hip-hop-eration? Any chance you’ll be bringing back the infamous Farstar Boat Party?
I think we'll see what happens with this night, the event itself has generated a lot of interest, so hopefully we’ll be invited back by the chaps at FourD bar!
I would like to organise a festival in Dorset at some point, as for the Boat Party, Luke and myself are in talks so keep your eyes peeled in 2015!
9. Can you sum up what Hip-Hop-Eration will be like in say 3 (ish) words?
Without using any swear words? Ok, can I do 5?  

That's the best I could come up with! Ha!

Thanks Jay for being this week's special guest on the Country Bumpkin Chic Blog. Hopefully that’s got everyone excited for the return of Hip-Hop-Eration. We look forward to seeing you there and throwing some shapes on the dance floor at FourD.
Click here to add the Hip-Hop-Eration event to your Facebook calendar.
All the best 
Becky x

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18 April 2014

Reiki Healing - not all hippy shake

A few years ago a friend recommended Reiki Healing to us for our horses and since then we are true believers in the therapy. Now I’m sure most people will be conjuring up thoughts that this is a hippy/Glastonbury style therapy. Well, if you meet my mum and me, we’re far from that. We’re open minded and at the end of the day want the best for our horses.

So, what is Reiki Healing?
Below is an extract from the International Centre for Reiki Training:
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It’s administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "The Higher Power" and Ki which is "energy or force". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

Treatment with Reiki energy is said to re-balance the whole person in mind, body and spirit and is a non-invasive holistic therapy. Benefits can include:

·         Deep relaxation, relieving symptoms of stress and tension.
·         Reduced fatigue
·         Positive impact on mood and performance
·         General sense of good health and well-being

Reiki for horses

Yes, Reiki is not just for humans, it has huge benefits for animals too.
Our Reiki healer Tessa Eames spends about 45 minutes with the horses, we leave her alone while she does her ‘healing hands’.

With horses Reiki can help speed the healing of illness and injuries. It’s ideal for horses as its gentle and non-invasive.
My horse Barley has recently suffered from some ligament damage and it got to a stage where the healing had plateaued and we felt he needed some extra help. The nature of Reiki is to create and support energetic balance, so it can do no harm.
Barley and I competing at Aldon 2013. Photo courtesy of James Burns

Both are horses have Reiki and love it. When Barley is having a session he will lower his head and at the end licks a lot to say ‘thank you’ and he’s not an affectionate horse. Whilst this is going on Jonty will rub up against the stable partition so he can get in on the Reiki act! We’ve found that the swelling in Barley’s leg has now subsided and his overall attitude to life is now a lot brighter and happier and we look forward to competing again shortly.
In summary Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect. I myself have Reiki combined with a massage a couple times a year when life gets just a bit too much and it helps me to re-balance, re-energise and attack life with a positive slant again.

If anyone would like Tessa’s contact details, please drop me your email address and I will forward it on. You can also find a qualified Reiki therapist via www.findmytherapist.org
All the best

Becky x

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06 April 2014

Take Me Out - 'no likey, no lighty'

A few weeks ago I plucked up the courage to get involved in Weldmar Hospicecare Trust’s event ‘Take Me Out’ at the Weymouth Pavilion on Friday 21st March 2014. Based on the popular ITV show hosted by Paddy McGuiness minus the Essex-ness (apologies to all my Essex friends, love you really!). The best bit was that if you were picked, instead of going to the Isle of Fernando’s on your date you’d go to Nando’s in Dorchester – who could resist. Oh, and I might meet Mr Right as well as helping raise lots of money for charity.

I spread the word to a few of my ‘up for it’ single ladies and sold tickets to friends to come along for moral support, so there was no backing out. I even had a Gelish manicure, pedicure and Tan Truth spray tan with C and M Hair and Beauty at Charlton Down.
Dress rehearsal

Nervously I headed down to the Pav for a dress rehearsal ahead of the big night. Greeted by Weldmar’s event organiser and host for the night Matt Smith we practiced our walk on stage to the very apt Beyonce’s Single Ladies. We were then stowed away for an hour whilst the men/boys practiced and we got our glad rags on.
Left to right: Ani, Rachel, Annabel & me!
(I'm wearing a LBD from Miss Selfridge, teamed with New Look wedges)

Back stage was probably one of the highlights of the night: 20+ ladies, cans of G&T and bottles of wine popping out from handbags all over the place, clambering into the one toilet to do our hair and make-up, the room was filled with nervous banter.
Strike a pose - it's show time!

7pm – show time… The Ocean Room was packed. The event was sold out, one things for sure Friday 21st March at the Weymouth Pavilion, was the place to be.
No going back..

And we were off, sashaying down the aisle to ‘Single ladies’, some swaying a little more than others due to a little bit too much vodka. Taking our places on stage, we waited nervously for Mr Right #1.  Now, without going into too much detail or fear of offending anyone the 5 boys/men on offer were a mixed bunch. A couple of the boys were 22, one was an Ed Sheeran look-a-like but sadly didn’t have the vocals to match, another a PT who liked to wax his chest, one had appeared on the TV programme First Dates and another by the end seemed a little bit too merry for my liking, but he liked to ski.
The hour or so on stage seemed to go by in a blur.. host Matt would introduce the boys, have a chat on stage and then show us their videos including short films with his friends/family. It was during these activities we could turn our lights off or should I say ‘no likey, no lighty’. What I wasn’t quite prepared for was being interviewed by Matt and having to think quickly on my feet about what I might like about the guy or why I turned my light off. Thankfully, this came a bit too natural – and I came out with some right corkers – ‘loving your printed shirt’, ‘you’d definitely be a guy I’d take home to meet my mum’ – seriously?!
I got to keep my show card
So, 3 of the girls I knew ended up with dates. I think it was dinner at Nando’s that sold it. And for me, well I turned my light off 4/5 times, and was a little relieved that I didn’t get picked. So, I might not have met Mr Right on the night, but I did have a jolly good time and helped Weldmar raise an impressive £3,000 making the event a total success.

WeldmarHospicecare Trust is a fabulous charity based in Dorset providing high quality specialist palliative care services for people with cancer and similar life threatening diseases across the county. I’ve been fortunate enough to get involved in helping promote their fundraising events and raise awareness of what they do at my place of work. What makes them different to a lot of charities I’ve come across is their passion for the charity and for meeting the people that help support them. They have a real personal edge which is very refreshing in this day and age and are appreciative of no matter how much the amount is raised. Check out their website to find out what else is planned for 2014. I’m looking forward to taking part in the Midnight Walk on Saturday 19th July, the eve of my birthday.

All the best
Becky x

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