21 June 2015

It’s just not summer unless you have a new fragrance

On Monday I returned from an amazing week in Greece. One of the highlights of my holiday has always been a visit to Duty Free. I get excited about the prospect of buying a new fragrance – trying out the new perfumes, the packaging, and the giddiness of getting a bargain. Sadly this wasn’t to be on the outward journey as Bristol airport was a bun fight at 6am on Monday morning, so much so we were running for our gate.

So, Duty Free shopping would ‘have to’ happen on the return at Thessaloniki airport – an airport I knew nothing about! Thankfully, it wasn’t quite as chaotic, and we managed to have a spare 30 minutes before boarding – perfect shopping time!

As the over keen beauty assistants approached me trying to spritz me with all the new perfumes for the season. I knew in my head that I wanted something fresh and light that I could wear day to night. In fact I already knew that I wanted to try out the latest summer edition from Calvin Klein and no sweet smelling Marc Jacobs Daisy was going to bowl me over.

So, CK One Summer it was to be. And the 2015 edition is better than ever. To start with the packaging just makes you think of summer holidays on the beach it’s cool clear-blue-green glass bottle which reminds me of the beautiful turquoise waters I’ve left behind in Halkidiki, Greece and the yellow sand typeface makes it the perfect accompaniment to any summer holiday. Plus that back of the bottle has a wave like effect. Obviously this perfume was made for me!
The packaging instantly transports you to the beach!
 The bottle compliments my Gelish nail varnish!
Wave effect invites you to dive right in!

The fragrance itself is a typical CK One smell. I love the write up I found on Fragantica about the Summer 2015 edition:
CK One Summer 2015 reflects the ultimate relaxing summer moment basking in the sun. It is announced the sensation of refreshing and sun-kissed bliss energized with warm under currents. The fragrance is a refreshing, energetic and blazing citrus - aromatic. It opens with accords of gin tonic that leads to the heart of star anise and the base of amber wood.
I can’t quite smell G&T but the energizing and blazing citrus aroma is definitely there and will bring back memories of my holiday in Greece or mad supermarket sweep around Thessaloniki airport!
CK One Summer 2015 is around £35 in Boots.
What perfumes are you loving this summer? Have you tried any new ones? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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