13 July 2015

Sani Resort Top Tips from PR/Press Manager Georgia Dodou

During my stay at the Sani Resort I got in touch with the PR/Press Manager for the resort – Georgia Dodou @GEORGIAOLGA  to interview her for my blog. Sadly, we didn’t get to meet face to face, but in true online/social media style we pulled it together and Georgia provided me with some fabulous inside tips about the resort. Enjoy!

What’s your favourite restaurant at Sani Resort?

I actually have two!

Tomata, which I simply love and Sea You Up. I love the creative Mediterranean approach of Tomata and its chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos. You have to try the risotto with the asparagus and the mussels, the sea bass and of course all the desserts.

Sea You Up Restaurant
Tomata Restaurant

And a tip for Sea You Up - book a table during the sunset. The view from the balcony is just amazing. And the food, oh the food, you cannot have enough of the divine sushi from Head Sushi Chef of Nobu Matsuhisa, Chef Katsu Hanamure, who is now our executive consultant chef. 

Where is the best place to sample a cocktail at Sani Resort and what is would be your cocktail recommendation?

Tough question again! Well, as I’m a Japanese lover, I simply adored the Nippon cocktail series at Sea You Bar that I had accompany my dinner at the new sushi bar just around the corner from the bar. 

 Sea You Up Bar

What’s your favourite shop in Sani?

Country Bumpkin Chic - I love Apoella, the pop up shop on the beach, and bought a beautiful evil eye necklace!

Apoella pop up shop at Bousoulas Beach
Photo credit: Rebecca Wren

Georgia - You must have bought the ‘evil eye’ by Lito, a very talented Greek jewellery designer which I just LOVE. I’ve bought the same from Apoella which again is my favourite shop located both in the Sani Marina and on the Bousoulas Beach. 

Apoella was launched a year ago, its name refers to the phrase «Από Ελλάδα» from the Greek, Apo-Ella-da and its been a real success with visitors who've enthusiastically embraced its offerings. I also love the aesthetic perfection, inspiration and Greek designer labels on clothes and accessories which epitomise the Greece we all love.

Other top tips would be jewellery from the House of Zolotas and from Iliana Makri, multi-coloured creations with an international aura from Mary Katrantzou. Futuristic clothing collections by Yiorgos Eleftheriades, hand-made sandals by Valia Gabriel, stylish swimwear from Stefania Frangista, and ethereal clothes by Athena Prokopiou are just a few of the collections housed in the functional and elegant spaces of Apoella, which bring to life summer in Greece with an international jet set aura.

What would be your top 3 things to see and do whilst staying at the Sani Resort? 

1. If you’ve booked your holiday during the period of the Sani Festival, you’re in for a treat! Every evening under the stars, great singers and performers take to the stage on Sani Hill. Concerts are followed by parties where artists and guests mingle in a festive mood.

2. An evening walk is a must do - wait until dusk and make your way down the steps from the lobby of the Sani Beach Club to the water’s edge. Choose your spot and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Sani by night, with the Sani Hill illuminated in the distance. Pure magic!

Sunset over Sani Marina and Sani Hill illuminated in the distance

3. Swimming off Bousoulas beach. The longest beach and the bluest sea imaginable. 7 kilometres of sand! And after a swim, I would go to the Spa Suite at Porto Sani Village to have the best body soothing massage ever with Anne Semonin essential oils. Relaxation with an incredible view is an unbeatable combination!

Bousoulas Beach
Spa Suite

4. And if I may have a 4th, I strongly recommend a visit to the Sani wetland, home to some of the world’s rarest bird species. There is hardly anyone there, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet your soul craves in the summertime.

Any hidden gems that we might not know about from the promotional material? 

When people ask me about Sani – whether it’s friends, acquaintances or strangers – I always tell them they have to visit for themselves to experience what I feel when I’m here - pure happiness.

I don’t know if it’s the place itself, or if it’s the fact that I love it so much, it’s a special energy the place has. The fact is when people come here to stay, they are always so captivated that they invariably return again and again, like lovers who can’t stay away from the object of their love!

And it’s the atmosphere and the energy. When I'm in Sani I’m breathing freely. You realize what it means to breathe fresh air, a gift of nature we forget when we’re away in the city. I feel that finally I can fill my blood with oxygen again – rejuvenated and revived. And the feeling of instant relaxation. I feel positive energy surging up inside me again. Liberated from all the worries and anxieties that poison our lives in the city.

Describe the Sani Resort in 3 words.

Living happily ever after - 4 words!

To find out more about the Sani Resort visit - www.sani-resort.com

Photos courtesy of the Sani Resort.

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