11 January 2016


This weekend all it seemed to do in a not so sunny Dorset was rain, rain, and oh rain a little bit more. It’s on these cold, wet and miserable days that I flick through old holiday photos from sunnier climates and let my mind wonder to happier times.

So, when I saw the Olympic Holidays competition to ‘SnapASunset’, I knew just the sunset to submit.

Last June my folks and I were thoroughly spoilt at the beautiful Halkidiki, Greece. We were lucky enough to have a sea view room where you could sit on the balcony, Cava in hand and watch the beautiful sun set. 

The night I snapped my sunset was when the hotel arranged a sunset cruise. Guests would take the short trip out to sea, enjoy a glass of bubbly and watch the sun disappear into the Mediterranean Sea. I managed to snap the boat cruising into the sunset which gave my shot a perfect subject resulting creating a serene and peaceful shot. It’s true when they say a picture paints a thousand words. And my time in Halkidiki was magical. I look forward to returning to Greece at some point in the future and watch the gorgeous sunsets with a glass of bubbly in hand!

Want to enter the SnapASunset competition for yourself?  Click here for the details.


  1. Beautiful! What a gorgeous sunset - sounds pretty perfect watching it with a glass of cava! x

  2. Hello Beccy - thanks for your comment. Yes, deffo best enjoyed with a glass of bubbly. xx