31 December 2017


It’s almost time to say au revoir 2017 & bonjour 2018….

Some folk find themselves in no man’s land between Christmas & New Year, whereas I kind of like those strange days as a way to say adios to the year, & enjoy looking forward & making plans for the year ahead.

Often when I’m out riding I daydream & earlier this week was a good time for reflecting on the year, thinking about everything that went pretty darn well & wondering what 2018 might hold.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite moments…


Unlucky for some but finishing 13th at Aldon BE 100 marked the end of a long & winding road, recovering from a benign tumour in his foot. It was an emotional return to the sport we both love & as we stormed round the XC gave us a huge adrenalin rush which we’d been missing for some time.

Barley doing the thing he loves best at Aldon... knees up, ears pricked!
PC: James Pyne Photography
We’ll be wrapping him up in cotton wool over the winter & aiming at some British Evening & British Showjumping comps in the spring. He owes me nothing now & every time we head out I’m always grateful for being able to ride a sound & happy horse.

Jonty & Leo

We said a sad goodbye to Jonty in the autumn. After 7 years we knew deep down he just wasn’t going to be the eventer we so desired, so he’s gone off to a lovely home to become a dressage boy & strut his stuff.

Jonty strutting his stuff at Dorset County Show PC: James Pyne Photography
In November, we headed to Ireland & came home with a new addition to the family in the form of Leo a 4-year-old Irish Sports Horse. He’s one cool dude & we can’t wait to see what his future holds, so watch this space.

Oh hey there Leo!

SUP Yoga has become quite a thing in Dorset, so when Jez from Helios Colour Yoga started running SUP Yoga on the lake at Kingston Maurward College my friend Rachel & I jumped at the chance to have a go. It was pretty surreal to be striking a yoga pose whilst the sunset with swans swimming around you in the most amazing grounds.

Casually SUPing into the sunset with the swans as you do...
Once again I did a bit of solo travelling & headed to the Algarve in Portugal at the end of October for a week of surf, SUP & yoga as well as pretending I was 21 again with the gang at Tiny Whale Surf Lodge. One of the highlights has to be learning to SUP surf with Dave of Nowhere 2 Far SUP @nowhere2farSUP on insta, it gives you such an adrenalin rush when you ride a good wave into shore, I think I’m going to find it hard to go back to normal surfing!

Was worth the 5am wake-up call to see this sunrise...
Running & Tough Mudder

In the spring, I fell in to some friendly peer pressure & signed up to Tough Mudder. One of the main incentives apart from raising money for charity was that it was based on the hallowed grounds of Badminton Estate, so if I never ever get to go with a horse at least I can say I’ve been round on foot.

I actually got into my training & found my running mojo again, posting a new 10km PB of 51.25 at the Egdon Easy, & took part in my first night time trail race ‘Run from the Romans’ around Ham Hill with my bestie Rach.

Egdon Easy....was far from easy...
PC: Dazma
Night time trail running in the mud is fun when you have friends like these by your side...

Oh & I completed that little race called Tough Mudder, probably for the first & last time. It was a great experience… although plunging into freezing cold water & being electrocuted at the finish line isn’t really my idea of fun. However, I’m keen to do some other obstacle races…so if anyone has any suggestions – let me know!

We definitely earnt that cider!
PC: Tough Mudder

I’ve had an up & down year with blogging. I sometimes had moments when I wondered if anyone really cared, does anyone actually read my posts & then when I do publish a new blog post & receive some lovely messages & my faith in blogging is always restored. At the end of the day, writing is one of my passions & makes me happy & if it can make some else happy too then that's a pretty cool thing to be able to do.

I attended Blogtacular the festival of blogging in the summer & it was a whirl wind of colour, chat & creativity – as well as some blimmin lovely folk who all cheerlead one & other on with their personal projects via Insta.

A sea of colour & creativity - can you spot me?
PC: Blogtacular

So, that was a bit of a quick low down on some of my best moments… I’ve left out some topics around love & career – as they’re probably worth a blog post on their own.

Anyways, 2017 you’ve been pretty okay, let’s see what 2018 brings with it.

What plans do you have for 2018? I love reading other people’s goals & resolutions so please feel free to drop a comment below.

28 December 2017

Foundation Art Show

In early December, my workmate Haylii Wall hosted the inaugural Screwfix Foundation Art Show at the quirky Eastville Project Space venue in Yeovil.

The event showcased a multitude of talent across Screwfix from photographers, illustrators, designers, graffiti artists, crafters & a whole host of other types of artists. As well as raising money for the Screwfix Foundation with 50% of artists sales on the night & a pop up show at HQ.

It was such a pleasure seeing so many of my friends being given a platform to showcase their work outside of the corporate humdrum & made me appreciate how much talent there is under one roof.

The 2 events along with sales from a yummy curry by Sri & bar raised nearly £3,000 which is a phenomenal effort.

It’s pretty awesome what creative people can do when they put their mind sto it! 

Here's some snaps from the night I took on my trusty Olympus Pen E-PL7.

Art Show organiser Haylii & partner James

Designer Lloyd Insta: @i.lloyd 

Designer Katie Gillard  - www.katiegillard.co.uk

Photographer & Artist Chris Shaw - www.shaw-arts.co.uk

Designer Jon Rowland 

Curry Expert Sri & Chris

Glamourous helpers Sally & Nicky

Lovely guests Holly & her mum

Marketing Director Graham Smith with Illustrator Cathie Hood (www.catherinehoodillustration.com) & Designer Lloyd (Insta i.lloyd)

Guests Sam & Immy in front of Lloyds wrapping paper prints 

Guests Andy & Juanita

Hostess extraordinaire Haylii Wall

10 December 2017

Yeo Valley – more than just yoghurt!

Even on an autumnal grey day this view looks divine. 

Last month we held our monthly team huddle off-site at yoghurt connoisseurs Yeo Valley HQ, tucked away in the rolling green hills of the Mendips in Blagdon, North Somerset. The aim was to have a creative space where we could forget about the hum drum of the office, get together as a team and feel inspired by our surroundings. Of which the latter definitely delivered on.

From the moment, you enter the Yeo Valley reception you feel transported into another world – the Yeo Valley world. For anyone who may dismiss the importance of interior design or retail theatre, I challenge you to take a visit to Yeo Valley and not leave feeling inspired. When it comes to office branding they’ve got it spot on and a perfect example of how good authentic branding should be executed. And I’ve been to Google, Twitter and Facebook offices this year, so that’s saying something.

It’s all about the detail, from the grass Yeo Valley logo in reception, a corridor adorned with memorabilia and photos showcasing the history of the brand, the most wonderfully decadent ladies toilet (this is usually a tell-tale sign of culture), through to the Cow meeting room with aptly printed cow wallpaper finished off with the most amazing view of Blagdon Lake – which made me instantly want to grab my paddleboard and go SUPing.

Nice bush!
Every corridor needs a disco ball... 
Caller, please hold...
All the pretty things. Now, this is why girls spend so much time in the toilets... 
Oh hey there... this room is moo-vellous
It's all in the detail...
If only every meeting room was this cool...

As we were residents for the day we were fortunate enough to have both breakfast and lunch in The Canteen. Again, a proper authentic experience, you can see why people pay to come for lunch. The food is healthy and organic, using Yeo Valley produce – of course, and the decor although rustic chic has an upmarket Nottinghill-esque feel, again with beautiful views of the Blagdon countryside. I can see why half the team were suddenly thinking about how they can make a transfer to work for Yeo Valley!

So many pretty things to look at, where to start.... 
Bringing the outside in...always a good idea...
Big night... 

First impressions do count but don’t take my word for it, you can visit Yeo Valley at any time during the year. They also do tours of the HQ with a ‘farm to fridge’ theme, deli days and they even have their own festival ‘Valley Fest’. Yeo Valley – a brand that thinks with their hearts and remains true to their roots. They definitely grabbed a bit more of my heart that day and I was already a  Yeo Valley yoghurt lover and now I'm fully on board with their ethos.

Have you come across any cool creative spaces recently? Let me know as I'm always on the lookout for inspiring places to hold team meetings.

07 November 2017

Living La Vida Loca

Or 'Going Loco in Lagos' pretty much sums up my week at Tiny Whale Surf Lodge in Portugal & I wouldn’t change a thing – well maybe a few! 

I’d being toying over the summer months on where to head for my annual independent girl ‘I don’t give a dam activity trip’… I really wanted to go to Sri Lanka or Costa Rica, but didn’t want to go all that way to go surfing, get barreled & have a little cry in the ocean. So, I decided to look for somewhere a little closer to home & stumbled across Tiny Whale Surf Lodge in Portugal, they give you the option to pull together a multi activity package of your choice. I decided to go for 3 days surfing, 1 sunrise SUP & 5 yoga sessions… which was flexible if you wanted to change your mind. Oh, & I was staying in a tipi in an orange grove – as you do.

Anyhow, in true Country Bumpkin Chic style, here’s my top moments from my crazy time in Portugal. 

1. Surfing…

I had images of becoming this elegant mermaid & uber cool Roxy chick model by the end of the week, however, reality doesn’t always quite live up to that.  

Day 1 we headed to Praia do Castelejo where I happily managed to nail the white water, popping up 80-90% of the time, practicing my technique & finding my inner confidence ready for tackling green waves on day 2 back in Castelejo.

The next morning I was all over it & with the encouragement from Essex surf instructor Sam giving me top tips to catch those illustrious green waves. I was having so much fun out the back, hanging out with the other surf camp crew that I ended up staying in the water until lunchtime - which is pretty rare for me who usually gets bored or annoyed with myself after half an hour. I caught a few sweet little green ones, so felt pretty stoked.  

The first wave after our yummy pasta lunch was blimmin awesome… however, it all went a bit downhill after that - oopsie. The wind direction changed from off to on shore & I struggled paddling out back, so called it a day to sunbathe & have an ice-cream. This was also my last day surfing as I then found my love for SUP’ing all over again. 

2. Supping

Our Aussie instructor Dave Partridge (Paddleboarding Lagos on Instagram & Facebook) had such an infectious enthusiasm & zest for life. As well as the best stories from his time cycling round the world, training for the Olympic high jump & working on boats – there was never a dull moment. So much so, I ditched my surf day to go SUP'ing for 4 days!! 

Sunrise SUP...
Oh wow, if you ever get chance to go to Portugal, add sunrise SUP around the grottos & caves to the top of your list. It was mesmerising. I didn’t even mind the 5.30am alarm call. It has to be up there as one of my favourite experiences. Paddling along checking out little grottos, some you even had to paddle through on your tummy & time the changing tide to get out. Hands down the best way to start a Monday morning. The sun was so invigorating & made me feel alive. 

We headed to Barragem de Odiaxere, to capture the sunset. It’s a vast reservoir & felt very tranquil. Supping around watching the sunset was very calming, but definitely not as exciting as watching the sunrise. I must say Dorset delivers on those sunsets – which has motivated me to get out this winter & paddle about in my winter suit exploring some new waters. 

River & Ocean Paddle Days... 
This was something I’d never done before & was super excited for…paddling down the river to the sea for lunch. & a great way to cure the Halloween Moscow Mule hangover! 

Day 1 – we paddled 4km down the Odeceixe river to the sandy beach & & sea…. Which was breathtaking, the sea was turquoise & so warm, I felt like I was in Greece. A few of us had a play with sup surfing on the waves, chilling on the beach & then supped the 4km back with the wind behind us in 50 minutes flat.

Day 2 – the weather was starting to turn & a thunder storm was on the way, but we were determined to get out & see some more of Portugal & experience another day sup surfing & paddling on the river. & wow wee, sup surfing at Praia da Amoreira was mega cool, I rode a wave all the way to the beach. I then managed to bruise myself up with my hard board, but hey it was a great wave. The river section felt like we were in Scotland, with lots of colourful heather on the river banks & little waterways you could paddle down & explore. 

Those 4 SUP sessions were fab & a highlight of my holiday.  

3. Yoga with Miri 

It’s not often you meet a stranger & within 5 minutes want them to be your best friend. That’s Miri the yoga instructor. She’s uber cool, super intelligent & an amazing yoga teacher. I think we all had a girl crush on her.  

4. Tipi Lyfe 

8 nights in a Tipi is a first & probably a last. It was fun, but after about 6 nights, I was ready for my own bed. In Portugal during the Autumn like most countries it gets pretty cool in the evening & so does the Tipi. Thankfully I had an electric blanket, 5 blankets & a duvet!! Definitely an experience & was fun at times listening to the rain pound down on the canopy whilst I was tucked up in bed, not so fun listening to the poor loco dogs howling at night though. So random. 

5. Food glorious food

Oh my, the food at Tiny Whale Surf Lodge in the evening is divine, & so needed after a day on the water. One night we made our own pizza base, toppings & watched it cook in an outdoor pizza oven – which tasted phenomenal. There’s definitely something about eating alfresco which just makes everything taste ten times better. 

On the staff’s night off we ate some phat burgers at NahNahBar in Lagos which were pretty piggy, but gurt lush all at the same time. 

6. Going Loco in Lagos 

Surf camps seem to have this reputation of being aimed at the younger crowd, but at Tiny Whale it was a real mix from early twenties to couples in their forties. I became friends with some of the younger crowd & pretty much acted & drank like I was back at uni…. Having shots before beers or taking beers to the shower. It was fun to let my hair down, not worry about work, horses or family back at home. The hangover on the Friday wasn’t so much fun, but the MaccieD’s was worth it. 

7. New friends 

When going on a solo trip I always have a bit of anxiety, usually the moment when I’m about to walk through the door & meet a load of newbies… Apart from not being on the list when I arrived, within half an hour Tom had sorted out my Tipi & I had a beer in my hand chatting round a roaring fire pit with my new chums for the week.  

Surf trips are a great way to bond with people, as you all have the same thing in common – getting outside, on the water & catching some sic waves. This was probably one of the most international places I’ve stayed at with a mix of Dutch, German, Belgian, French, American, Irish & of course British! & a fair few from the west country, so hopefully we’ll organise some surf trips soon. 

8. Lodge Lyfe 

Tiny Whale is a funny little place…its 10 minutes from Lagos & in the middle of nowhere. It has a proper surf vibe, where everyone is up for a good laugh in the evening & getting on it. However, it’s also a little bit Fawlty Towers, where things seem to be breaking or missing, showers flood, random power cuts, topped with a laid back attitude. I’m not sure if that’s just a standard way for surf camps in general or just Tiny Whale, but coming from the corporate world of work, it was frustrating at times to witness & at times I just wanted to wade in & help out. There’s so many positive qualities, that it feels like it just needs a good host couple to sort it out & make it a kick ass lodge. Hopefully by 2018 they’ll be back on it! 

9. Where next? 

No sooner did my plane touch down or slam down Ryan Air styley on the tarmac at Bournemouth Airport & I was thinking about the next adventure. I loved Portugal & would definitely return. I’m keen to do more supping & sup surfing, but don’t want to forget how to surf. Anyone got any recommendations they’d love to share?