Interview with Andy Jordan

people on a Monday night are usually having a quiet night in on the sofa watching Corrie
and EastEnders. Not me I was down at The Old Fire Station in Bournemouth getting
ready to watch Made in Chelsea star, fashion designer, surfer and now musician Andy

was Andy’s second tour, and I was lucky enough to get some time with the man in
question before his performance thanks to his lovely manager Jon Franks from

in a back room which could only be described as a bit of a dive. A far cry from
some of the luxurious establishments featured in Made in Chelsea, but we weren’t
here to talk reality TV, we were here to chat music.

I wasn’t expecting was the lovely Andy Jordan to be even easier on the eye in
the flesh and a pretty top guy. It must be noted for the ladies, that he had
beautiful eyes and amazing skin, not bad for someone who’d been touring for
nearly three weeks straight. As ever the professional, I was there to talk
music and find out more about the Andy Jordan vibe.

congrats on your 2nd sell out tour – that’s pretty impressive. How does it feel?

yeah, it’s really exciting and actually very humbling. I didn’t expect it to do
so well, but the guys thought it could sell out and it did which is an amazing.

you tell us how you got into music?

used to play in my room at Uni and taught myself to play guitar. We did a bit
of a piss take video sketch on MIC and the guys told me I could sing and it
just went from there.

those who might not be familiar with your music, can you describe your sound?

hard to really box it up at the moment, as it’s still early stages and my music
takes on lots of inspiration. However, it’s consistently guitar based. I
co-produced my latest EP Geography with Phil Cook.

influences you to write music?

a big fan of The John Butler Trio. Reggae and country music, as well as Michael
Jackson. It’s a bit of everything. But definitely The John Butler Trio has
really inspired me.

us a bit about your set tonight and what can we expect?

it starts off with a reggae vibe. We get the slow songs out the way and build
up with songs from the EP: Geography, On My Own, Seasons Goodbye and Nobody
Else. We’ve also got three covers including a Leona Lewis mash up which should
be fun.

Have you had much of a chance to
see the towns and cities you visit?

really, tour has been 3 weeks and a day long and we’ve been squeezing in lots of
radio station interviews. We’ve been pretty lucky staying with friends and
family along the way, as we have the most unglamourous motor home.

next music wise, is there an album on the way?

we’ve got about 6-7 tracks to be recorded and hopefully there will be something
out before Christmas whether that’s another EP or album, we’re not sure yet.

a very busy man with your own clothing label JAM (Jordan Andy Mark), the Lyndon Wake surf school
in Croyde & of course MIC. Will you get chance to have a rest this summer?

going to be spending the rest of the summer in Croyde, Devon. I’ve got a little
shed tucked out the way on a cliff for writing. And of course will have a cider down
The Thatch.

your favourite spot in the West Country?

love Croyde and very loyal to the area. I’ve spent lots of time in Polzeath
growing up and there’s a fantastic secret surf spot in Mawgan Porth.

I have one more question, slightly un-music related from one of my Country
Bumpkin Chic readers – Out of all of the MIC girls, which one would you most
like to date?

well, I’m not interested in any, but if I had to choose it would be Louise.

will you be returning to the next series of MIC?

really hope so, I enjoy it.

looking forward to seeing what Stevie does next.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Stevie does next!

one final question, can you sum up the Andy Jordan vibe in 3 words?

Chilled. Soulful. Vibrant.

Andy Jordan Selfie

Jordan Gig Review…


Set List

was supported on tour by his friend George Taylor – who I sadly missed in
exchange for a hotdog and cider! He was also supported by boy band Room 94, who
I must confess hadn’t heard of, but the crowd had. Now at the age of 32 I’ve
seen a lot of bands, been in the heart of many a mosh pit, but nothing prepared
me for the crowd’s reaction. They went mental, it was as if 1D had just
descended on The Old Fire Station, there was screaming, mobile phone
recording throughout and lots of plaques! To be fair, they were pretty good
with a slight Emo vibe and they did some good covers of 5 Seconds to Summer,
Taylor Swift and the classic Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag.

Room 94

by the time Andy came on stage the audience had calmed down – well a little! He
opened up with Whole Lot of Water on guitar, joined by female vocalist Georgie
Baugh who really complemented Andy’s tones. The hour set included his own take of
Leona Lewis’ Keep Bleeding, Avicii’s Wake Me Up and Alex Clare’s Too Close as
well as other tracks from his EP. Interestingly the track On My Own wasn’t about
being single, but starting out on his own. This is probably my favourite track,
having gone through a recent career change I could really relate to this, and I’m
sure there’s a lot of other people who did too. There was a great mash up to
finish with the Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom into the John Newman – Love Me



wasn’t really sure what to expect from Andy Jordan’s gig, I’m a fan of MIC, had listened
to the EP and love the acoustic style, so was keen to see what he had to offer.
Up on stage it’s not hard to see why his second tour has been a complete sell
out. It’s not just about the music, and playing new tracks to a crowd, he’s got
the entertainment side down to a tee and really interacts with the audience giving
that little bit extra. Definitely one to watch for the future and I look
forward to seeing what he releases later this year.

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