Sika Cycle Trail Adventure

If you’re looking for a short adventure on your bike & only have a spare couple of hours, then head over to the Sika Trail
over in Wareham, Dorset for some fun times.

The Sika Trail is an easy (ish) undulating 7 mile / 11km circular ride
through the sandy pinewoods & heathland around Wareham Forest.


The southern point links to the Northport Greenway a safe
off road route from Wareham down to the forest. You simply have to follow the
blue arrows around the gravel and sandy tracks. Overall it’s pretty flat with a
couple of inclines & suitable for all ages. There’s also lots of little
tracks you can go off piste if you’re feeling brave!

It’s a really lovely serene spot in Dorset & so nice not having to worry about the traffic. The only people you’ll come across are dog walkers
& the odd horse rider. Ideal if you need an hour away from the hustle &
bustle of life.

Where to park?

You can either park on a road near Wareham Train Station (BH20
4AS) or at the Sika Trail Car Park (BH20 7PA).

More details:

Dorset For You have some really useful cycling route info online including the Sika Cycle Trail.


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